615Pearce_Frances_CovFinishing Line Press has announced the publication of Mt. Pleasant, SC’s Frances J. Pearce’s book of poems, “Those Carolina Parakeets Once Far From Extinct.”

Critics Say

The voice here is sometimes questioning, sometimes asserting, but always clean and precise. In these poems–these jewels–Pearce endears the natural world to us, and us to the natural world. Paul Allen, author of Ground Forces and American Crawl

These smart, clear-eyed poems teach the reader some of life’s essential lessons: how it feels to be present—place by place, moment by moment—to the notes of one’s own song. Whether at a King Tut exhibit in Munich or a garden in Kyoto, the imaginative joins the analytical in the compelling attempt to decipher the day’s outer and inner weather. “My mission is to locate // the lost, the forgotten, the innovative, / the rare,” says poet Frances Pearce. Lucky reader, to take this wise, enchanting journey with her! Susan Laughter Meyers, author of My Dear, Dear Stagger Grass and Keep and Give Away


Please mail all orders to the Finishing Line Press address below or order online by clicking on this direct link to the title order page.

Please send ______ copy(ies) of Those Carolina Parakeets Once Far from Extinct, by Frances J. Pearce, at $14.00 per copy plus $2.99 shipping.

Enclosed is a check payable to Finishing Line Press in the amount of $__________

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The preorder deadline is March 14, 2014. Preorders are scheduled to ship on May 9, 2014.

Please send check or money order to:
Finishing Line Press
Post Office Box 1626
Georgetown, KY  40324

Or order online at www.finishinglinepress.com

517IMG_0863Frances J. Pearce is a writer and poet, based in Mt. Pleasant, SC. She is active with the Lowcountry Initiative of the the Literary Arts and supports literary arts inititatives state-wide.


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