Holocaust Creative Arts Competition for Greater Charleston Area  Students Grades 6-12.

THEME: Stolen Childhood

MISSION STATEMENT:  Children’s lives were forever altered during the years that Hitler was in power.  How do these children help us to understand the Holocaust? How can empathy for children that experienced these horrors guide students today?

WHO CAN  ENTER: All Charleston Area Students in grades 6-12

PRIZES:  Prizes will be awarded to creative entries in creative writing, visual art, and music/performance art.  First place winners: $100, second place: $50,  third place:  $25, Honorable Mention: TBonz gift certificates. Entry Deadline: March 14, 2014

Entries on Display at the Charleston County Public Library: April 1-May 1

Program and reception for entrants and guests:  April 30

Sponsored by: The REMEMBER Program  for Holocaust and Genocide Education

Email sandrab@jewishcharleston.org for complete info and entry forms.

Sandra Brett
Cultural Arts Programming
1645 Wallenberg Blvd., Charleston, SC 29407
Charleston Jewish Federation | www.jewishcharleston.org

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