The LILA Veterans’ Writing Group is open to all military veterans.* The focus of our group is on writing creative nonfiction, and both fictionalized and nonfiction accounts (“true stories”) of life in and out of the military. The secondary focus is to provide a safe, respectful environment for veterans to write, share, and respond to each other’s work.

Veterans of all ages, branches of the military, and conflicts are welcome. You need not have any prior experience with writing, only a desire to write and share your stories.

Our group meets at 6:30pm on the second Thursday of each month in Lance Hall of the Circular Congregational Church. There is no cost or fee. Please bring a notebook and pen, and be prepared to do some writing.

Writing group sessions focus on:

  • Learning key techniques for nonfiction writing
  • Drafting your stories
  • Sharing your stories and offering feedback to other group members
  • Encouraging each other as writers.
  • Polishing and preparing your work for publication.

    The group is led by J.E. Elliott, a writing and English instructor and writing group leader. If you have any questions, please feel free to email Elliott at

    *Veterans needing or wanting the assistance of a supporter in order to participate in the group are welcome to bring that person or licensed service animal. Lance Hall is wheelchair accessible and most easily accessed through the front gate of the church which opens onto Meeting Street.

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