college-applicationFrustrated and frightened by college application essays? Do they seem to ask BIG questions but limit your responses?  Do the questions appear ambiguous at their best and sadistic at their worst?

What are colleges looking to find in the essays, anyway? What criteria is used to decide if you’re in or out?

Most importantly, how do you navigate the essays to give yourself the best chance of being accepted to your dream school?

Come to LILA’s one day, College Application Essay Workshop, and find out what you need to create an application essay that rocks an admissions officer’s world! Bring up to three different application essay questions with you, as you will begin the process of answering these specific questions during the workshop.

Other topics covered include:

  • What happens to your application in the admissions process?
  • How much does the essay really count?
  • What is acceptable subject matter, and what should you avoid?
  • When is it okay to take a risk with your writing?
  • Who should edit your essay?
  • How much attention do colleges really pay to grammar and form?
  • Plagiarism

Although last minute participants will be accepted, we urge you to sign up in advance, so workshop materials can be made available to ALL participants. Post-workshop assistance will be available to each student, so you can continue to hone your essays; up to three revisions are included in the followup and are done by email at no additional cost to you.

Workshop participants will meet in the Circular Church’s Lance Hall on Saturday, 19 Sept. from 9am-noon. For your convenience, you may sign up and pay the $45 workshop fee on the LILA website. For further information or queries, contact Elliott at

Elliott is a college English instructor with an MA in English from the College of Charleston and The Citadel jointly, and a BA in Art from Mercer University. She brings the unique combined view of writer, artist, and educator to the writing process and works with a diversity of students to craft high quality writings for various purposes, including, but not limited to, college and graduate school applications.

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