Valentines-Literary-Wish“Image courtesy of Salvatore Vuono /”

February is supposed to be the month of LOVE, right? And love can come be found in so many flavors, so many
colors, so many smiles.

Especially, if we share that love with another person, another someone on the path. Would you like to share a few words, 14 to be exact, with others– offer a worded wish of inspiration or support saying yes, we  are all in this together and you are not alone?  Find two sets of smiles?

Please take a look at and post your sample of a “literary lovefest” on this link: with your comment below so we can share your words, too!

By doing so, you agree to our sharing it with others…and you can too!

Maybe you would like to make a card or a heart and print the thought, borrowed (and attributed by initials) or original, and give it to friends or strangers on Valentine’s Day?  What idea do you have to share it?

And feel free to take photos of your “literary lovefest” and share them with us too!

Our hearts go out to you Lowcountry; Pay It forward 🙂

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