This in from Dr. Ed Madden, Associate Professor of English at the University of South Carolina:

“I”m looking for poems, good poems– for a chapbook, for a performance, and for Jasper, the Columbia arts magazine.  (Please feel free to forward this.)

“First, I helping to organize a poetry component to the annual “What’s Love” Valentine’s Day art event in Columbia.  For this event, I’m looking specifically for two things:

  1. Good poems (or short short flash fiction, 500 words or fewer) for a limited-run chapbook, to be published by Jasper magazine and distributed at the event.  Ideally, the poems will be about love, romance, sex, passion –and if at all possible, this year’s theme, technology, and how it has affected our relationships.  So, good writing about love or lust, but preference given to poems that also, in some way (however loosely), connect to the theme.
  2. Good readers!  I need good readers or poetry, slammers, spoken word artists to perform as part of our Jasper upstairs performance space at the event.  Again, poems on love and sex –and technology, if possible.

For more about the event and the call for poems, see: Ideally, I need poems by January 15, so that we have time to put together the chapbook.

Second, I’m the literary editor for Jasper. In each issue we include 1-3 poets — with sometimes additional content on the website.  We prioritize poets and poems with a SC connection.  Please consider submitting something. Send poems to: For more info contact Dr. Madden at 803.777.2171 (work)
or 803.445.4129 (cell).

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