Teachers, are you tired of trying to think of new ways to teach literature while complying with the state’s learning standards and keeping your students’ interest at the same time? Allow LILA to help. Take a look at the lesson plans on our website. These plans are designed to help and inspire you to approach “old” works of poetry and literature in new ways. Also, they introduce you and your students to new poets and writers to compare with those of classical literature from your textbooks.

Still feeling overwhelmed? Want to bring literature to life for your students and be re-energized yourself? Allow LILA’s Poets in the Schools Program to bring a local poet or writer into your classroom to interact with your students in fun, hands-on workshops, turning excited young readers into inspired young writers.

Workshops can focus on individual student works or group creations. When LILA’s Poets in the Schools enters your classroom, you can expect students to learn not just about reading and writing but about publishing, as well. We offer the ability to produce a book out of the works created by your students in each workshop. These books can be seen as artifacts of your students’ literacy history or perhaps, the beginning of a literacy narrative for them. Students come to see literature as a process of creativity with practical applications, and students and teachers are reminded that learning can be fun!

Our poets and writers would love to connect with you and your students. For further information, details, and cost of the Poets in the Schools Program, please contact us at LILA@lilaconnects.com.

Below are some stunning results of prior Poets in the Schools programs!

Confident-Shadows-cover1Confident Shadows
Vol. 5 of the literary magazine of Burke High School LILA’s Poets in the Schools

For five years, LILA’s Poets in the Schools, directed by Blue Bicycle owner Jonathan Sanchez, has worked to build a strong tradition of poetry in downtown Charleston’s only public high school. The poems and stories in Confident Shadows were written by Burke High School students with the help of eight local poets and a team of College of Charleston assistants. Since the program started, over 1,000 students have attended 250 workshops and produced about 5,000 creative works.

“[Burke Poetry] has shown me that I can succeed in life and will, and for that I am grateful.” — Sampson Duggins (pictured on cover)

whispercoverSo-Called Whisper
Vol. 4 of the literary magazine of Burke High School LILA’s Poets in the Schools

“These workshops helped change the school’s image and the community’s opinion about Burke.” -Dasaray Fyall, Senior

“Studying poetry has made me look and things one way and then shift to a different ending.” -Tramaine Jeffcoat, Senior

“I remember the first time I saw some of my work in the first book we did in 9th grade…I felt honored to be a part of something bigger than myself.” -Keyona Grant, Senior

LILA’s Poets in the Schools started with two local writers leading workshops in four ninth grade classes. The program has grown to seven writers, ranging from recent college graduates to the poet laureate of South Carolina (Marjory Wentworth), working with nine English classes in ninth, tenth, and twelfth grades.

kissing-a-biting-spider-cover-burke-fall-08-customKissing a Biting Spider
Vol. 4 of the literary magazine of Burke High School LILA’s Poets in the Schools

This book is the result of workshops that Blue Bicycle Books owner Jonathan Sanchez led  in the fall of 08, along with local poets Keverlee Burchett and Richard Garcia at downtown Charleston’s only public high school.

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