ReadingAl Sikes, former FCC chair and author of the soon to be released Culture Leads Leaders Follow has selected Charleston as a stop on his whirlwind book tour,  with a special launch day reading and discussion at the Circular Church on 150 Meeting St. in Charleston, March 1, 2016 from 5:30 – 7:00 p.m.

The event is open to the public and a $2 donation at the door is suggested (but not required!). Soft drinks, wine, coffee and snacks will be provided, along with a lively discussion with an author who has been a true Washington insider.

Culture Leads Leaders Follow will especially resonate with Charleston residents, as an entire section is devoted to a discussion of events in the aftermath of the mass shooting at Mother Emmanuel church, opening with…

I watched with tears in my eyes. Loved ones all, expressing their forgiveness of Dylann Roof who had, several days before, shot one by one, to a total of nine, members of Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church in Charleston, South Carolina… The expressions of forgiveness were taking place at a bond hearing. “It was,” according to the New York Times, “as if the Bible study had never ended as one after another, victims’ family members offered lessons in forgiveness, testaments to a faith that is not compromised by violence or grief.”

Said Sikes, “Culture Leads Leaders Follow traces my work and at times confrontations with Washington’s establishment and those who seek its favors. I highlight episodes with such characters as Howard Stern, Rupert Murdoch, Al Gore, President Jimmy Carter, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, and Jack Valenti… Perhaps Culture Leads Leaders Follow will start some conversations and spur some initiatives that will be influential in shaping a more beneficent culture.”

Al-Sikes-Being-Sworn-in-by-Antonin-ScaliaSays former FCC chair Al Sikes, “Justice Scalia swore me in but he was Nino on the tennis court where he was a ferocious competitor and good friend at the same time.”

414acVrMnmL._SX329_BO1,204,203,200_Early Praise for Culture Leads Leaders Follow!

Al Sikes has a rare vantage point from which to analyze our current culture and the direction it is heading. In this fascinating memoir, Culture Leads Leaders Follow, he presents a powerful message and common sense ideas for everyone who is concerned about the future of our society.

Ed Meese; Former US Attorney General

The culture struggle in America has never been so prominent—and fierce—as it is right now. The stakes are high. Traditional values, if we lose them, will leave us hollow, superficial, and lost. And we need national and international leaders who fully comprehend the seriousness of all this. Al Sikes writes this book to help us think through what is likely the most important set of questions about our world’s future culture—and, more importantly, our world’s future.

Neil Warren; Founder EHarmony

Culture Leads Leaders Follow presents an insider’s view of the world of media during some of its most transformative years as seen from Al Sikes’ high perch in both politics and business. Sikes makes the case that the center may not be holding and offers his own thoughtful observations on repairing the moral fabric that binds our society together.

Tom Woodbury; President, Global Distribution, HBO

When Al Sikes speaks, I have time to listen. Sikes shares his keen insights about the cultural influences and leadership demands around each of his diverse career experiences from small-town, mid-America through the challenging power struggles in Washington and on to the exhilarating scene in New York as a key player in the technological and financial transformation of our communications world.

Al McDonald; Former Global Managing Director, McKinsey and Company

Al Sikes, no stranger to making the “tough calls” during his decades in government and corporate corridors of power, has penned a must-read on the intertwining nature of culture and leadership in our society. In doing so he also gives us a glimpse into the back-story, drawing from his own life’s experience, events, mentors and teachings all of which, along with his faith and family, guide his lifetime of service to his Country.

Doug McCormick; Media Investor and Songwriter

It takes courage to question the prevailing ethos of the day. In Culture Leads Leaders Follow, Al Sikes shares uncommon insight, wisdom and courage. I ended the book wishing he would run for national public office!

Anne Adler; Former Executive Director Young Women’s Leadership Network, NYC

A charming personal memoir spiced with tart comments on several of his contemporaries and steeped in penetrating reflections on the State of the Union as Al Sikes sees it. A fascinating and stimulating read.

Os Guinness; Author The Global Public Square

In Culture Leads Leaders Follow, Al Sikes chronicles five decades of history, politic and communication technologies from a first person, up close and personal vantage point.  Al Sikes definitely has been to the edge, and while there, gathered critical information for all of us. For all of those culture changers out there, those of you in the trenches, pushing very large rocks up very steep hills, read this book! Your time is coming!

Gina Otto; Author of Cassandra’s Angel | Founder of Change My World Now

To learn more, visit – We look forward to you joining us March 1!

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